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Author and activists says award 'comes at a time when the impacts of the climate crisis are being acutely felt' around the world
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Joint statement ahead of UN climate talks in Paris declares humanity is "at...
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Demonstration in Paris, France July 31, 2014. (Photo: Christophe Karaba / EPA)
Amid rising global support, Palestinian-led campaign is being met with backlash...


Sign of the times: A Virginia family farm's sign proclaiming "Resist White Supremacy" has caused an uproar, with some seething the message is "sad," "divisive" and "threatens the end of our republic." Not, patiently explains Cox Farms, which has posted support for Muslims, immigrants and Black Lives Matter with their notices for sweet corn and baby goats. " We are white people using our privilege and power to say something that should be obvious," they note, "but clearly still needs to be said."