Data Mining

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
presser on Tuesday
Data privacy advocates decried the $45 million deal as "horribly irresponsible and potentially incredibly harmful."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
Mark Zuckerberg
"Facebook will learn that all are subject to the rule of law. Yes, even them."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"There need to be consequences when corporations don't protect your data. My...


The heroin crisis lurches on, taking its daily victims. What's newly, albeit faintly heartening is the willingness of their families to name addiction's ravages, to publicly proclaim the awful "scratch and claw" of their loved ones' lives until the inexorable day they left them. Many of the dead are unknown; some are famous. After rocker Scott Weiland died last week, his ex-wife and kids wrote a searing open letter urging that his death, "the final step in our long goodbye," not be glorified.