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Why COP26 Failed to Address the Climate Crisis

Western observers want to blame India for the failure of the UN climate talks. Not so fast.

Basav Sen ·

Rich Nations' COP26 Failures Are Modern Colonialism at Its Worst

Every day that goes by in which wealthy nations fail to hold themselves accountable for achieving net zero reductions is a declaration that they don't care if developing nations drown or dry up.

Derrick Z. Jackson ·

After COP26 Failures, Major Challenges and Immense Opportunities Ahead

New global agreements notwithstanding, the world remains woefully behind in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions at the rate necessary to prevent catastrophic climate-change scenarios. Businesses are increasingly embracing the green challenge, but they need policymakers to meet them halfway.

Johan Rockström ·

Biden Cannot Be Held Hostage on Climate: The US Is Needed Globally

Developed nations like the US, which is responsible for almost 25% of historical greenhouse gas emissions, simply must do more to decarbonize across the whole of their economies if we are to mitigate the worst impacts of global heating. Failure is not an option.

Isabella Shraiman ·

It Will Take Much More Than Electric Cars to Fix the Climate Crisis

Resolving the climate crisis isn't just about shifting from one technology to another; it's about shifting our ways of thinking and being. It’s a point that often gets missed in conversations about major greenhouse gas emission sources.

David Suzuki ·

As the World Burns, Glasgow's COP26 Deemed a Failure

"We should call it the 'Glasgow suicide pact' for the poorest in the world."

Amy Goodman ·

Bipartisan American Empire and Catastrophic Climate Change

The environmental destruction in our future will be so profound that anything less than the emergence of a new form of global governance—one capable of protecting the planet and the human rights of all its inhabitants—will mean that wars over water, land, and people are likely to erupt across the planet amid climate chaos.

Alfred W. McCoy ·

World Leaders Failed Us at COP26, but Change Always Comes From the Power of People

Copenhagen was a failure that demotivated activists, while Paris merely placated them. But Glasgow has radicalized a generation.

Adam Ramsay ·

The Climate Crisis Is a Human Rights Crisis

We must continue to demand that international climate negotiations focus on the experiences of those most affected by the climate crisis and their solutions to mitigating it while ensuring that those who speak out against climate-damaging activities are not subjected to repression or violence.

Keith Slack ·

How to Fix the Climate Finance Debacle

The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow suffered the same lack of trust between developing and developed countries that has burdened global climate negotiations for almost three decades. Financing is at the heart of the rupture, and the time has come for a new approach.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

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