Nika Knight, staff writer
Migrant workers harvest corn on a farm in Gilroy, Calif., in 2013.
"EPA chief Pruitt's move rejecting his scientists' advice to ban a pesticide? That's exactly what the pesticide maker, DowChem, asked for."
Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News
Researchers estimate the United States economy takes a $340 billion hit...
Nika Knight, staff writer
BP is funding British Museum's "Sunken Cities" exhibit—a name that "practically...


The appalling evidence mounts. A new study urges our omnipresent plastic debris - 280 million tons last year, less than half recycled, 370 species suffering its effects - be declared "hazardous." Another report declares over 800 chemicals in everyday products, including plastic, are “a global threat." And an extraordinary upcoming film by Chris Jordan documents the deaths of tens of thousands of albatrosses on the Pacific Island of Midway Atoll - over 2,000 miles from the nearest continent -...