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Big Pharma

Making a Killing: The US Opioid Epidemic

Those responsible for the opioid-related deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans are yet to be held accountable.

Belén Fernández ·

'Enough Is Enough': Outrage as Big Pharma Hikes Prices on 442 Drugs

"Patients are counting on Congress and the Biden administration to deliver drug pricing reforms immediately in this new year."

Jake Johnson ·

Texas Team Applauded for Giving What Big Pharma Refuses: A Patent-Free Vaccine to the World

"We're not trying to make money. We just want to see people get vaccinated."

Brett Wilkins ·

Why the Very Worst People Really Don't Want Us to Look Up

There's never been a more important time to look up, wake up, and get active.

Thom Hartmann ·

Who Saw Omicron Coming? Many, in Fact

Global health experts and activists have been warning for more than a year that aggressive variants of the virus are essentially guaranteed as long as much of the world’s population remains unvaccinated.

Amy Goodman ·

Free At-Home Tests Are a Start, But Biden Must Move Faster and Go Bigger to End Pandemic

The Covid-19 threat will not simply go away—especially when addressed with half measures. The administration must use its authority under the Defense Production Act much more wisely and aggressively.

Timi Iwayemi ·

Opioid Crisis: Purdue Pharma/ Sackler Family Fails in End Run around Justice

The Sacklers wanted to retreat back into their money and vast profiteering.

F. Douglas Stephenson ·

Debunking Pharma Lies, Experts Identify 100+ Firms Ready to Make mRNA Vaccines

"There is no dearth of able companies in low and middle-income countries to manufacture mRNA vaccines. It's time now for Big Pharma to stop using this as a lame excuse and start sharing the tech."

Jake Johnson ·

Citing Multimillion-Dollar Big Pharma Ties, Sanders to Vote 'No' on Biden's Pick for FDA Chief

"We need leadership at the FDA that is finally willing to stand up to the greed and power of the pharmaceutical industry. In this critical moment, Dr. Califf is not the leader Americans need at the agency."

Brett Wilkins ·

Former WHO Director: Those Upholding Vaccine Apartheid Should Be Tried for 'Crimes Against Humanity'

"Anyone standing in the way of saving lives in the name of private profits should be held responsible."

Jake Johnson ·

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