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Big Pharma


GOP 'Working Hand in Hand With Big Pharma' to Kill Drug Price Reform Behind Closed Doors

"Republicans are going to use every tool they have to keep drug prices high and drug industry profits higher," said one Democratic senator.

Jake Johnson ·

'Is It Better Than Nothing? I Suppose': Sanders Disappointed by Dems' Drug Pricing Plan

"It's a very weak proposal" but "we're dealing with the power of PhRMA over the Congress," he said, taking aim at industry lobbyists.

Jessica Corbett ·

Around Half of US Seniors Living Alone Can't Afford Basic Expenses: Study

"There's a myth that Social Security and Medicare miraculously take care of all of people's needs in older age. The reality is they don't, and far too many people are one crisis away from economic insecurity."

Brett Wilkins ·

Pharma Mobilizes Army of Lobbyists to Tank Democrats' Medicare Drug Pricing Plan

"Big Pharma is fighting hard to keep their price-setting monopoly intact," said one advocacy coalition.

Jake Johnson ·

Big Pharma Has Raised Drug Prices 1,186 Times This Year, Analysis Shows

"We must put an end to drug corporations' unfettered ability to dictate prices at the expense of patients."

Jake Johnson ·

Big Pharma Has Spent $147 Million to Kill Lower Drug Prices During Pandemic

"The big drug companies spend so massively lobbying to keep the market rigged in their favor and seniors at their mercy, including many literally choosing between food and medicine," said Accountable.US.

Jake Johnson ·

'This Will Save Lives': California Answers Insulin Crisis With Plan to Make Its Own

"In California we know that people should not go into debt to receive lifesaving medication," Gov. Gavin Newsom said while announcing a new $100 million plan.

Brett Wilkins ·

With Manchin's Backing, Senate Dems Unveil Plan to Let Medicare Negotiate Drug Prices

"This compromise will lower prices, cut costs, and stop the drug corporations from raising their prices faster than the rate of inflation," said Margarida Jorge of Lower Drug Prices Now.

Jake Johnson ·

'Grave Injustice': Judge Rules Against West Virginia Community Devastated by Opioids

Three pharmaceutical companies distributed 81 million opioid painkillers in a West Virginia county over an eight-year period, but the federal judge ruled they were not liable for the damage done by the opioid epidemic.

Julia Conley ·

The Corporatization of Just About Everything—Including the Climate Crisis and Outer Space

Not only is there more corporate control in more areas of life but (worse) there has been consolidation of corporate power into monopolies that are so powerful that they seem unstoppable.

Tom Valovic ·

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