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The Republican War on Protests

Republican state legislators across 34 states have introduced more than 80 bills this year that criminalize protesting or protect those who harm protesters.

Amara Enyia ·

Kamala Harris's Harsh Message to Central American Migrants

The Vice President is now toeing the administration's line on keeping out people fleeing danger in their home countries.

Toby Jaffe ·

Donald Trump Must Be Prosecuted for His Crimes

Holding Trump and William Barr to account is not a matter of political payback. This is about the future of our republic.

Thom Hartmann ·

For the First Time Ever, Climate Justice Is on the G7 Agenda

If rich countries want a livable planet for themselves, they'll have to pay what they promised. This weekend’s summit will show whether they will.

Mark Hertsgaard ·

Consumerism, Another Inheritance From the Slavery System

The new 'help' from Washington would end up imposing a new wave of dictatorships and the carrot of consumerism would impose itself upon every other dimension of human life as an act of faith, an incontrovertible dogma.

Jorge Majfud ·

A True Biden Withdrawal From Afghanistan? Don't Bet on It

Biden has promised an end to the endless wars. But such promises are not easy to keep.

Walden Bello ·

Are Crazed Commies Running American Corporations?

If we agree that economic justice is a defining issue for socialism, then complaining that CEOs and business owners have made an abrupt left-turn is patently ludicrous.

Carl Rhodes ·

Biden Must Lift Trump's Harsh Restrictions on Cuba Now

The dire food and medicine shortages caused by the pandemic and the U.S. blockade must be addressed.

Medea Benjamin ·

Protecting Borders, Not Life

The point of the Space Force has nothing to do with protecting the planet's future. Its point is to extend the planet’s random borders beyond the stratosphere.

Robert C. Koehler ·

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