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Israeli War Crimes and the Execution of Al Jazeera Reporter Shireen Abu Akleh

Israel, which shoots hundreds of Palestinians a year, routinely includes reporters and photographers on its target lists.

Chris Hedges ·

Tucker Carlson's 'Great Replacement' Theory Comes From an Anti-US Nazi French Thinker

People like Tucker Carlson are pitifully ignorant of history and so are wielding an anti-American, highly unpatriotic notion for the sake of their television ratings.

Juan Cole ·

How Roe v. Wade's Fall Could Spur Online Policing

Apps for tracking reproductive health are convenient, but the data they collect could be used against you.

Nora McDonald ·

Ukraine: The New American Crusade

Moral rhetoric is bringing us closer to World War III, and while Americans suffer economic devastation the military industrial complex wins big.

Stuart J. Hooper ·

Corporate Media Ignore Left Critiques of Government's New 'Disinformation' Board

Despite their decidedly uncritical framing, media have acknowledged broadsides against the board—but almost exclusively those from the far right.

Julianne Tveten ·

The Downside Risks of Sweden and Finland Joining NATO

The two Nordic nations do not need the protection, but it will be the nail in the coffin of European autonomy and any future relations with Russia.

Anatol Lieven ·

Neofascist Minority Rule by the GOP Is Laying Waste to the United States

If the Democratic Party is serious about preserving America as a constitutional republic, they better act fast and furiously to do so.

Thom Hartmann ·

Can US Progressives Defeat Big Money and Trumpism?

To stave off authoritarianism, Democrats need to deliver on their promises and directly confront the institutions that deny democracy. The party is failing on both fronts.

Aaron White ·

The Super Immunity of Our Fabulously Wealthy Corporate Dictators

The Robber Barons of old have nothing on this new class of digital oligarchs.

Ralph Nader ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.

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