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We Need to Help Asylum-Seekers, Not Traumatize Them

When asylum-seekers—who, like refugees, are fleeing serious threats to their life or freedom—enter the U.S., we do all we can to ensure they fail.

Marisol B. Girela ·

Presidents Biden and Putin's Nuclear Words

The complete abolition of nuclear weapons is the only way to be safe from their threat.

Robert Dodge ·

Putting an End to Extreme Sentencing

My prison sentence is the equivalent of a slow death.

Michael Reed Dorrough ·

The Response to the Pandemic Has Been Driven by Vaccine Nationalism

Power, wealth, and justice in the time of Covid-19.

Rajan Menon ·

From MSNBC to NPR, Corporate "Liberal" Media Propaganda Tells the World: America Is First

Let's do today what Martin Luther King Jr. wisely urged us to do in the past: look at ourselves in the mirror.

Jeff Cohen ·

Burma's Refugees Deserve Global Solidarity and Support

Ending the illegal junta is the first step to securing human rights-based livelihoods for refugees and the millions of civilians who have long deserved peace and democratic rule.

Myra Dahgaypaw ·

Once Again, Ugandan Politicians Stoking Anti-LGBTQ+ Sentiment to Stay in Power

The Ugandan government continues to use anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and policies to rally support amid declining popularity.

Godiva Akullo ·

Our Biggest Enemy Isn't China. It's Right Here at Home

The greatest danger we face today is not coming from China. It is our drift toward proto-fascism

Robert Reich ·

ACLU Alarm as Amazon Activates Sidewalk Surveillance System

This is a nightmare for civil rights and civil liberties.

Emiliano Falcon-Morano ·

How the Media Fell for the Lafayette Square Whitewash

A coverup was baked in the cake; a former inspector general official shows us how.

Mike Lofgren ·

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