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In Guatemala, Harris Should Prioritize People Over Corporations

As the Vice President seeks to remedy root causes of migration, she should vow to dismantle neoliberal rules that have been devastating for rural and Indigenous peoples.

Jen Moore ·

The End of Democracy as We Know It

Without Manchin, is the For the People Act dead? Probably, unless Biden can convince one Republican senator to join him in supporting it.

Robert Reich ·

A People's Vaccine Against a Mutating Virus and Neoliberal Rule

Humanity's survival into the twenty-second century and all our hopes for a bright future depend on building new political and economic systems that will simply and genuinely "do what is best for all of us."

Nicolas J.S. Davies ·

New Cold War on a Burnt Planet? Nothing Could Make Me Sadder

My fears are only growing that the world we're leaving our children and grandchildren could be a hell on earth. The worst part, of course, is that it doesn't have to be this way.

Tom Engelhardt ·

Patent Monopolies and Inequality: When We Give Rich People Money, Why Does Inequality Surprise Us?

Our decision to structure patent and copyright monopolies in a way that allows for a small number of people to get incredibly rich is because we have politicians who like very rich people.

Dean Baker ·

Jeff Bezos' Fake News in the Newspaper He Really Owns

Just as it was selling Post readers on the notion that it's lifting folks to a better life, Amazon was being cited by OSHA for a rate of serious workplace injuries nearly double that at other employers.

Janine Jackson ·

The Terrible Toll of India's Second Covid-19 Wave

After decades of refusing to invest in healthcare, the Indian government has left many rural communities with few options to control the virus's spread.

Sanket Jain ·

Your Friendly Banker

In the first quarter of 2021, all previous profit records for banks were shattered. They made $76.8 billion in that quarter.

Christopher Brauchli ·

Why the PRO Act Is Critical

The PRO Act would make it easier for workers to form a union, with the aim of protecting them from unfair working conditions.

Robert Reich ·

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