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Free Press: FCC Should Ignore AT&T's Bullying


On Thursday, Free Press responded to claims in a blog post by AT&T Senior Vice President Bob Quinn that the Federal Communications Commission is moving too slowly on a petition that would eliminate certain regulations that ensure consumers and businesses have access to quality services at reasonable prices.

Free Press has filed comments with the FCC that raise serious concerns about the long-term impact of AT&T's request that the agency facilitate the transition to all-IP networks. If granted under the FCC's current broadband-classification framework, AT&T's request would result in the complete removal of all regulatory oversight of our nation's critical telecommunications infrastructure.

Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner made the following statement:

"AT&T's latest missive against the FCC shows once again that its penchant for bullying is as boundless as its hubris. The FCC is correct to take additional time to fully consider the petition brought by AT&T's mouthpiece, the U.S. Telecom Association. If granted in full, the changes AT&T and USTA seek could have severe impacts on consumers, businesses, competition and jobs.

"AT&T's agenda is clear: It wants no limits on its ability to jack up the prices for basic services, to redline already underserved consumers or to use its market power to raise its rivals' costs. The FCC should ignore AT&T's intimidation tactics and focus on the facts and the law."

To read Free Press' comments to the FCC, go to:

To see a fact sheet summarizing the danger of AT&T's proposal for underserved communities, go to:

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