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Egyptian Activists Demand Resignation of Mubarak

WASHINGTON - Egypt is 7 hours ahead of U.S. ET. For online resources see:


is a London-born
journalist who reports for the Guardian from Egypt. Last night he
reported on a statement from activists at Tahrir (Liberation) Square.
The first demand is "the resignation of the president." See full statement

A member of the April 6 Youth Movement, Mahfouz posted several YouTube
videos, including one on January 18 that has been credited by many with
having helped spark the protests in Egypt that began on January 25;
for example, "Equal Rights Takes to the Barricades" by Mona El-Naggar in the New York Times.

See video with English subtitles

The April 6 Youth Movement was set up largely to support workers in
El-Mahalla, an industrial town, who held a series of strikes over the
last several years (including on April 6, 2008). See from The Real News "Roots of the Egyptian Revolutionary Moment"


is a doctor at Nadeem Center for Victims of Torture; Al-Dawla is a psychiatrist with the group. She was profiled by Time magazine as a global hero in 2004.


is an independent blogger and filmmaker based in Cairo. He was featured on a news release Sunday from the Institute for Public Accuracy, "Egypt: Threat of the Army, Resilience of the Protests."


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