NAACP Calls for "A Mighty Storm of Snowflakes" to Greet Trump at Atlanta Game

People take part in a Tax Day march against President Donald Trump in Los Angeles. (Photo: Molly Adams/flickr/cc)

NAACP Calls for "A Mighty Storm of Snowflakes" to Greet Trump at Atlanta Game

Civil rights group calls on supporters to wave white towels while president is in stadium Monday evening 

President Donald Trump's visit to Atlanta on Monday for the college football national championship game is expected to be marked by protests, with people taking "a stand by taking a knee" and simulating "a mighty storm" of snowflakes.

Among the groups calling for demonstrations is the Atlanta branch of the NAACP. The civil rights group said in a statement that it "will not let the president's visit go without a response. If you are lucky enough to attend the game, we encourage you to bring a white towel to wave simulating a blizzard while the president is in the packed stadium. Trump supporters mockingly call the opposition snowflakes, but when we come together we create a mighty storm."

The group also hinted at other possible actions, saying, "We urge you to pay particular attention to our Twitter feed during the game" when Georgia and Alabama face off at the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Refuse Fascism ATL is also set to put out an unwelcome mat to greet the president.

Given that Trump has denounced NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against social injustice, the group is calling on people to gather at the CNN Center in Atlanta to "Take a stand by taking a knee against Trump, Pence, and the whole fascist regime!"

The southern city may not be ready to give the president a warm welcome either.

In tweets days before his inauguration disparaging Democratic Rep. John Lewis, Trump described his congressional district, which includes Atlanta, as "in horrible shape and falling apart (not to......mention crime infested)."

"If it's so bad, don't come," Richard Rose, NAACP Atlanta president, suggested to Trump on MSNBC Sunday.

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