'Shame! Shame!': New Yorkers Surround Trump Tower to Protest President's Return

Thousands of protesters gathered outside of Trump Tower Monday night as the president returned to his New York City skyscrapper for the first time since he took office in January. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

'Shame! Shame!': New Yorkers Surround Trump Tower to Protest President's Return

Thousands flood streets to denounce Trump and condemn his response to white supremacists in Charlottesville

Protesters on Fifth Ave. in New York City shouted "Shame! Shame! Shame!" as President Donald Trump returned to Trump Tower Monday night for the first time since he took office in January. Thousands of people--and an inflatable rat designed to resemble Trump--filled the streets of Midtown letting the president know "New York hates you!"

Trump critics also staged a "die-in" near the president's tower, reportedly saying: "We started this rally to highlight all the ways Trump is killing us. From our housing, to DACA, to literally killing us!"

Before returning home to the protests at Trump Tower, the president finally explicitly denounced white supremacists and neo-Nazis for their deadly "Unite the Right" riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. His speech on Monday came in response to immense criticism from the public and lawmakers for his evasive comments about the racist demonstrations over the weekend. Several protesters carried signs that decried Trump's initial response to the events in Charlottesville.

Supporters of the president were also on the scene last night, and shouted racially-charged remarks at the protesters, according to a New York Daily Newsreport:

A small group of roughly 16 pro-Trump supporters, penned in by police near the rat caricature, taunted demonstrators by shouting "Make America white again" and waving flags. Demonstrators also had to stay inside police pens in front of Trump Tower.

"Security was heavy around the skyscraper" for the president's arrival, News 4 New York reported. "Streets were closed in the area, and massive sanitation trucks were lined up outside Trump Tower. Metal barricades were set up across the street."

Trump is expected to encounter more hometown opposition until his Wednesday depature, with another official protest planned for 5pm Tuesday.

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