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Rude Boy Trump Rebuked for Pushing Prime Minister Aside at NATO Summit

Offering example of how Americans should not behave when they are abroad, U.S. President rudely claims his front-row position for photo with fellow heads of state

U.S. President Donald Trump stepping in front of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic (to his left) while pushing him aside with one hand. (Photo: Screenshot)

With a small yet telling gesture, U.S. President Donald Trump generated international rebuke and scorn on Thursday after video surfaced of him rudely pushing a fellow head of state out of the way during a photo opportunity at the NATO summit in Brussels.

The clip shows Trump stepping in front of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic while pushing him aside with one hand. Trump then plants his feet and straightens his jacket without regard for Markovic. Montenegro is the newest member of the alliance.



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And in slow motion:

Trump was already receiving low marks and a cold reception for his remarks at the summit, but the lack of etiquette opened a fresh round of criticism for the president on his first trip representing the U.S. abroad.

Social media users quickly condemned and ridiculed Trump's behavior:

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