Looking for Something Other Than Corporate Media on Election Night? Here You Go.

Political experts say winner of the presidential race could possibly be known by 9pm ET. (Photo: AP)

Looking for Something Other Than Corporate Media on Election Night? Here You Go.

Progressive news outlets will be live-streaming and independent voices commenting on Election Night

With any luck, the long national nightmare of the 2016 election will be over Tuesday night.

The New York Times has a helpful breakdown of when polls close across the nation (and when we could potentially know who won).

For those looking for a non-corporate take on election night, both Democracy Now! (7pm ET) and the Real News Network (7:30pm ET) are live-streaming starting this evening.

Watch Democracy Now! below:

The Real News Network:

And the Young Turks is also providing all-day election coverage:

For real-time reactions to election night developments, follow along on social media with these independent journalists and progressive advocates:

And with nine states voting on recreational or medical marijuana measures, Cannabis Radio is live-streaming with policymakers and advocates through what it calls "Marijuana Election Night." Watch below:

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