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All In With Chris Hayes

Ahead of Grand Jury Announcement, Are Ferguson Police 'Getting Ready for War'?

Chris Hayes examines preparations by local police, the state government, and the military

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon gives a pres conference Tuesday ahead of Grand Jury announcement. (Photo: Screen Shot/MSNBC)

Ahead of the announcement of the grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown case, dozens of local organizations say they are preparing for a safe and unified community response. But remarks made yesterday add to fears that local and state authorities are taking a different approach.

In this series, All In With Chris Hayes looks at the preparations that police, military, and state officials are taking, examining what many fear will be a continuation of the hyper-militarized response protesters have faced.

Ty Pruitt, who is the cousin of the late Michael Brown and a spokesperson for the Brown family, told MSNBC, "The police are getting ready for war when they should be getting ready for a trial. That to me means they've already made their decision."

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