Switzerland Makes Push for World's Highest Minimum Wage

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Switzerland Makes Push for World's Highest Minimum Wage

National referendum vote next month could make minimum wage $25 per hour

Photo: DarrenHunter/cc/flickr

Photo: DarrenHunter/cc/flickr

Voters in Switzerland next month will decide if their nation enacts the world's highest minimum wage.

In a national referendum, the Swiss could make the minimum wage $25 per hour, or 4000 francs per month.

About 330,000 people, 10 percent of workers, currently earn less than that.

Those opposed to the wage increase say it would force jobs overseas and threaten to close small businesses. The union that brought forth the initiative says it's unfair for Swiss workers to work full time and still have to rely on the state to make ends meet.

Current polls show the two sides running neck and neck.

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The referendum will take place May 18.


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