Manning Trial Day 2: Live Coverage

The second day of Pfc. Bradley Manning's trial commenced Tuesday.

Three of the witnesses scheduled to testify against the U.S. war crimes whistleblower include two Army Computer Crimes Investigative Unit agents involved in forensic examinations of evidence.

Adrian Lamo, the known hacker turned government informant who turned Manning into federal authorities, will also testify today.

Follow live tweets from journalist on the inside of the courtroom:

On Monday around 20 Manning supporters were allowed into the small courtroom including Princeton University professor and civil rights activist Cornel West and Medea Benjamin from CODEPINK.

However, many of the supporters, hwo wore black t-shirts with the word TRUTH printed across the front, were asked by the military to turn their shirts inside out before entering.

"It's important to support him," said Anne Wright, a retired Army colonel and CODEPINK activist. "I spent 29 years in the military, and what Bradley Manning has done is exposed government corruption and brutality."

In the defense's opening statements on Monday, lawyer David Coombs outlined Manning's moral compass which had informed his sense of duty to report the wrong-doings of the U.S. military, saying that Manning felt he "needed to do something to make a difference in the world. He needed to do something to help improve what he was seeing ."

The defense also argued that Manning specifically selected documents that could not be used "against the United States" and "could not be used" to the advantage of a foreign nation.


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