'Pronounced Recovery' for Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

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'Pronounced Recovery' for Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

Common Dreams staff

The Deepwater Horizon on April 21, 2010. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

In the face of any lessons learned from the 2010 BP oil disaster and the impacts climate change up, oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is booming.

Drilling permit approvals are back to pre-Deepwater Horizon levels, and the future holds   deeper wells held by a handful of big companies, according to an outlook on drilling in the Gulf from Quest Offshore, Texas-based deepwater oil and gas analysis and marketing group.

The future for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico is "bright," the group says, "with a pronounced recovery expected in all major market segments from drilling to subsea, floating production and marine construction."

The group sees a "robust outlook for deepwater development," and with new discoveries ultra-deepwater fields, the Gulf of Mexco continues to be the scene of the addiction to fossil fuels and our addiction to risk.

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