Heat and Drought Turn Your Prized Lawn Deathly Brown? Paint It Green

This July 25, 2012 photo provided by Grass is Greener Lawn Painting shows the company's owner, Joseph Perazzo, working on a lawn in Irvington, N.J. With record heat and drought spanning the nation from California to New York, residents and businesses in normally well-watered areas are taking a page from the lawn-painting practices employed for years in the West and South to give luster to unsightly brown turf. (Grass is Greener Lawn Painting)

Heat and Drought Turn Your Prized Lawn Deathly Brown? Paint It Green

Be the envy of your neighborhood again

Has your prized, lush deep-green lawn turned to an embarrassing brown this summer?

Well for only about 15 cents a square foot, or $150 for 1,000 square feet, your yard can once again be the envy of your neighborhood. You can even have your dried-up shrubs and trees spray-painted back to beauty.

Rich Pacailler of Howell, New Jersey, had his 1,500 square foot lawn sprayed this week. He toldReuters: "It gave me the green lawn I've been working for. I come home and see I've got the greenest lawn on the block." He said it was very natural looking, "like new sod."

"It's not hampering the lawn, but really showcasing it and giving it that curb appeal," he said.

The Associated Press reports that with record breaking heat and two-thirds of the US covered by a drought stretching from coast to coast, residents and businesses in normally well-watered areas are catching on to the lawn-painting practice employed for years in the West and Southwest to give the appearance of life and luster to dead turf.

"I've got the greenest lawn on the block."When this summer's drought turned her prized lawn brown, Terri LoPrimo fought back, but not with sprinklers: She had it painted green. The Staten Island, N.Y., resident and her husband, Ronnie, hired a local entrepreneur to paint their yard by spraying it with a deep-green dye. By Monday, the couple's property was aglow with newly green blades of grass -- and no watering needed to sustain it.

"It looks just like a spring lawn, the way it looks after a rain. It's really gorgeous," said LoPrimo, a 62-year-old retiree. LoPrimo paid just $125 to green up her roughly 830-square-foot lawn. She said it was worth every penny to keep her home of 33 years graced by an attractive yard.

Neighbors and friends have complimented the LoPrimos on their lawn's appearance, and she said one envious friend asked for the number of their contractor.

Kansas City, Mo.-based Missouri Turf Paint Inc. has been selling latex turf paints for more than 40 years. Company president Jon Graves said his primary customers are golf courses looking to keep their greens "attractive" and athletic fields "getting ready for show time."

But he said he's seen an increase this year in calls from people interested in either greening up residential lawns or wanting to get into the lawn-painting business.

You can also paint your lawn red, white and blue for the Fourth of July holiday or white for Christmas (see video below).

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