FEMEN in Warsaw

FEMEN in Warsaw.

(AFP Photo / Janek Skarzynski)

FEMEN Activists, Calling Attention to Illegal Sex Trade, Arrested in Poland

Detained women say that Euro 2012 football matches attract prostitution, increase exploitation of women

Members of the Ukrainian feminist group FEMEN were arrested in Poland on Friday outside the Warsaw National Stadium where the European football championships are being held.

The group -- known for its signature topless protests -- used yesterday's 'Euro 2012' football match to call attention to the plight of exploited women caught up in the illegal sex trade industry in the Ukraine and throughout Europe. On this occasion, the four women involved made billows of clouds by spraying fire extinguishers into the air, and had the words, 'Fuck Euro' written on their bare chests and stomachs as they repeated the same phrase while be tackled and carried off by event security and police.

All were subsequently arrested, detained, and questioned by Polish police.

RT reports:

The incident took place a few hours before the match between Poland and Greece on Friday. The women appeared in front of the stadium half-naked, with protest signs on their bodies, chanting vulgar slogans about the sporting event.
The FEMEN girls ran through crowds of fans, showering foam from fire extinguishers everywhere.
FEMEN opposes Euro 2012 because of the fears that the tournament will lead to an increase in prostitution.
Earlier in May the infamous group attacked the Euro Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the European Football Championship, during its display in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk ahead of the Euro 2012 kickoff. A similar incident took place on May 12 in Kiev, when the activists pounced on the trophy.

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