Pakistan Drone Attacks Kill Scores

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Pakistan Drone Attacks Kill Scores

At least three suspected US drone attacks in the Pakistani tribal region of South Waziristan kill more than 25 people.


Multiple drone missile raids have hit Pakistan's tribal region in recent weeks [EPA]

Three strikes by US drones have killed at least 28 people in the tribal region in South Waziristan.

Reporting for Al Jazeera from Islamabad, Kamal Hyder said that the first attack took place near Angor Adda along the Pakistan Afghan border.

"We have reports that at least seven people, who were killed in that strike, were moved to another location in the Azam Warsak region, where a funeral was arranged and that funeral also came under attack," said Hyder.

"This was the second strike."

He said the US forces were apparently in "hot pursuit" of targets, and that there were also reports of a third strike that killed multiple people.

Anti-drone rallies were recently held in North Waziristan, where drone attacks hit Newey Adda village in the Datta Khel area on September 12, killing at least four.

Source: Al Jazeera


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