Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Is It Not A Human Soul?
In the wake of rising anti-Semitism - Swastika-bedecked hate crimes, another spate of bomb threats, the desecration of a historic Jewish cemetery in St. Louis - and a tepid White House response deemed "a pathetic asterisk of condescension," Muslims and many others have vociferously stepped up to denounce the hatred. Most heart-stirringly, two Muslim activists launched a fundraising campaign to rebuild the cemetery. Their goal: $20,000. Current donations: over $120,000.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Yearning - and Sometimes Dying - To Breathe Free
A group of self-described "everyday people" hung a massive banner across the foot of Lady Liberty Tuesday declaring "Refugees Welcome" - an act and sentiment, immeasurably ironically, radical enough in these dystopian times that park officials are now seeking the "suspects." The day before, meanwhile, the bodies of at least 74 refugees trying to reach Europe washed up on the Libyan shore; each, critics say, is "a testament to our indifference."
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Monday, February 20, 2017
We Are All Here Together
This weekend marked the 75th anniversary of FDR's Executive Order forcing the internment of over 120,000 men, women and children - over half U.S. citizens - who happened to be of Japanese descent. With an Islamophobic despot now summoning those "terrible echoes from the past," many Americans are standing up to say "Never Again" to the racist demagoguery of suggesting, "There are those who belong here and those who do not."
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Friday, February 17, 2017
For Mirth Becomes A Feast: Tiny Trump Draws As Finland Battles Moldova For Coveted Second Place
Presser/Russia/Enemy of the American people got you down? Soothe your soul with the enterprising global ridicule raining down on our orange pretender. The Trump trolling, savage to antic, takes new forms daily: Trump Draws, Tiny Trump, Fine Tuned Machine and, now, an entire website of countries from Namibia to Armenia to Iran battling for #2 after America becomes #1 again. Mars - "A sea on Venus? FAKE NEWS" - takes a shot, too.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
America Is Problem Now
On this Day Without Immigrants, a painful look at what some endure not just to escape their own war-torn countries, but, now, a newly uncertain future in Trump's America. Since the election, hundreds of desperate refugees and asylum seekers have fled again, trekking for hours through frozen snowbound woods - and sometimes losing fingers or limbs to the cold - to reach Canadian border towns. With Trump, says one, "It's not safe. So I run." See one Somali make it, barely.
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On Idiocy, Hypocrisy, Criminality and Lunatic Ineptitude, But Don't Forget You're Gonna See Alotta Love, Okay?
Back to the surreal circus. In today's crimes against truth and reason: The moron-in-chief addressed the Russia debacle with a frenzied twitterfit about fake news, illegal leaks, Obama being "soft on Russia" and how it's all to cover up Clinton's lousy campaign. At a presser with Netanyahu he said what racism? and how about that election? and some of his best friends and "You're going to see a lot of love." And a GOP judge is calling for impeachment. We know. It's hard to keep up.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
The World Is Still With Us
For a much-needed break from the Trump apocalypse, we offer this year's World Press Photo winners. The controversial choice for photo of the year was an AP image of the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey that judges felt explosively expressed "the hatred of our times." But there is much else. Many of the winning images feature distraught refugees seeking safety: There is fear, grace, anguish - above all, humanity, persisting.
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Sunday, February 12, 2017
Do Your Job: Bringing Out the Pitchforks
The drama unfolding around Town Halls - from Sanders' promised one to the rowdy crowds challenging "king of the hypocrites" Jason Chaffetz and many GOP fellow travelers to "Do Your Job!" - offer a telling look at our roiling democracy. Despite Chaffetz' absurd claim that thousands of furious constituents are "a very, very small minority" of likely paid protesters - sign us up, please - the mutinous throngs turning up around the country show "the majority has come alive."
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Thursday, February 9, 2017
Trump's First Deported "Bad Hombre" Is A Working Tax-Paying Mom of Two (American) Teenagers Who's Lived Here For 22 Years
Shocker: Seems the Trumpster Fire isn't going to deport all those "rapists," "violent criminals" and "drug dealers." Instead, his first victim is a 36-year-old mother who came here at 14, was once caught working without proper papers, and was locked in a van and driven away last night by immigration officials as her children cried and protesters chanted "This Is Wrong" and "Set Her Free!" She has reportedly now been deported to Nogales, Mexico. Feel safer yet?
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Nevertheless, They Will Persist
For now, it's done. But no, this is not over. Jeff Sessions was confirmed by a GOP willing to censor Elizabeth Warren, Coretta Scott King, and all those voicing righteous indignation at the racism, sexism, bullying and political cowardice that has become our country's leadership. We salute Warren, Black Caucus members who stormed the Senate, and the thousands of resisters who proclaimed what will be the sorry epitaph for a retrograde GOP: "She was warned....Nevertheless, she persisted.”
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