Tracey Barnett

Tracey Barnett is an American-Kiwi journalist working in New Zealand. Her opinion and commentary work has been published in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Scotland, Egypt, Australia, Uganda and South Africa.  She is also a regular contributing columnist for The New Zealand Herald. She lives in Auckland.

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Friday, October 14, 2011
A Word of Warning: The Choice of Deep Water Drilling
So now it gets ugly. Now that we've seen the black sticky globs washing up on to our beaches from the stranded ship Rena, potentially leaching hundreds of tonnes of toxic sludge into our snapper dinner, on our wildlife, where we relax on a fine weekend - ask yourself this: Has your opinion of deep water drilling off our shores changed? Before you answer, remember, keep this spill in perspective. After all, this is only a container ship, not an oil tanker. If it were, the damage we are seeing would be multiplied hundreds of times over.
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