Kenneth Peres

Kenneth R. Peres retired as chief economist of the Communications Workers of America. Formerly, he served as economist for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, the Montana House Select Committee on Economic Development, and the Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy. Ken has held teaching positions at the University of Montana, St. John's University, Chief Dull Knife College, and the City University of New York. He obtained a PhD in economics from the New School in New York City.

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Then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), greet supporters outside the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, on August 20, 2020. (Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Sunday, December 13, 2020
If Democrats Want to Succeed, They Will Have to Implement Policies That Primarily Benefit the Working Class
Democrats—and many others—are justifiably exultant because their presidential candidate obtained the largest popular vote total ever and toppled an incumbent. However, the 2020 election results also revealed that the Democratic Party's victory was quite fragile and might not be sustainable in the...
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Union activists and supporters rally against the Supreme Court's ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case in Foley Square in New York City on June 27, 2018. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Friday, October 23, 2020
Why the Republican Party Wants to Destroy Labor Unions
We are enmeshed in several “existential crises” that Trump and the Republicans have exacerbated – climate change; threat of nuclear war; US democracy; and the Covid-19 pandemic. However, there is at least one other “existential crisis” that is most often overlooked – the very existence of unions as...
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The Trump administration has attacked environmental regulations aimed at protecting people and the planet since the moment it came to power. (Photo: Mark Dixon/Flickr/cc) Views
Monday, May 25, 2020
Murderer in Chief (Part Two): Trump's Gutting of Environmental Rules Will Lead to Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths
President Trump is culpable in the preventable deaths of tens of thousands of Americans due to the evisceration of environmental protections. The deregulatory attack against the standards on mercury, soot and carbon dioxide alone will lead to 245,500 preventable deaths over a ten-year period—a...
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A supporter of US President Donald Trump holds an election poster as he participates in a "Freedom Rally" protest in support of opening Florida in South Beach in Miami, on May 10, 2020. (Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Murderer in Chief: Donald Trump and the Tens of Thousands Coronavirus Dead
On March 30th, the Boston Globe editorial board published a statement that concluded, “The months the administration wasted with prevarication about the [coronavirus] threat and its subsequent missteps will amount to exponentially more COVID-19 cases than were necessary. In other words, the...
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Former Vice President Joe Biden greets guests during a campaign stop at the RiverCenter on October 16, 2019 in Davenport, Iowa. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images) Views
Wednesday, March 18, 2020
A Biden-Trump Election Is a Win-Win for Wall Street and a Loss for Our Democracy
It is clear now that Biden will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020 barring unforeseen circumstances. And the differences between Biden and Trump will be played up by both sides. And, yes, there are many differences between Biden and Trump especially in terms of social and cultural...
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Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks during the Blue NC Celebration Dinner held at the Hilton Charlotte University Place on February 29, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bloomberg is campaigning before voting starts on Super Tuesday, March 3. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Views
Sunday, March 01, 2020
Here Are 10,000 Words Detailing Why Bloomberg Embodies Everything Wrong With the US Plutocratic Political System
Former Mayor Bloomberg is portrayed by the media and his campaign as a pragmatic, non-ideological centrist and an experienced manager who can get things done. Indeed, his campaign theme is “Mike Will Get It Done.” Columnists and pundits have emphasized a number of themes used to support Bloomberg...
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Sunday, February 23, 2020
Joe Biden Serves Wall Street, Not Main Street
He calls himself “Uncle Joe” and “Middle Class Joe.” He often talks about his almost archetypal U.S. political success story of rising from the middle class to become a U.S. Senator and Vice-President. Now he is running for President. Biden contends that he will and has always represented the...
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Buttigieg changes positions in response to pressure from Wall street and big pharmaceuticals. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images) Views
Monday, February 17, 2020
Buttigieg Is a Wall Street Democrat Beholden to Corporate Interests
The most important – and often most ignored - issue in the coming election is not health care, taxation, education or even climate change. It is Power: who has it, how it is obtained, who benefits and who loses. Power determines the ability to address or not address all the other issues. I have...
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Citizens United protest Views
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Legalized Political Corruption Is So Much Bigger Than Trump: A Journey in 7 Charts
Corruption. It's a word we hear a lot these days. The press primarily focuses on the type of corruption characterized by individual government officials who use their political power to reward themselves and/or their allies. Recent examples/allegations include President Donald Trump's attempt to...
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The only real beneficiaries of their health care schemes would be large corporations and wealthy individuals whose taxes would have been reduced. Views
Friday, September 22, 2017
The Republican War Against Government Supported Health Care
After a short summer hiatus, the battle over health care policy reemerged with a passion last week when Senator Sanders introduced a version of “single payer” universal health care coverage and Senators Cassidy and Graham introduced yet another bill attempting to repeal Obamacare. These are just...
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