John Knefel

John Knefel is an independent journalist based in Brooklyn. He has written for Salon, Rolling Stone, Alternet, Truthout, FAIR, and The Onion. He is also the co-host of Radio Dispatch, which airs Monday–Thursday. Follow him on Twitter at @johnknefel.

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A Pakistani child sifts through rubble following a U.S. drone strike. (Credit: SB SHAH/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes
As the deteriorating security situation in Iraq once again dominates headlines in the U.S., America's dirty wars in the Middle East and South Asia continue with no sign of abating. Last week, the United States carried out one drone strike in Yemen and two in Pakistan, killing an estimated total of...
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