Jacob Bacharach

Jacob Bacharach is the author of the novels "The Doorposts of Your House and on Your Gates" and "The Bend of the World." His most recent book is "A Cool Customer: Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking." His writing has appeared in the New Republic, Haaretz, The New Inquiry, and many others. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews on "Morning Joe" Monday said he was unhappy with the direction voters are taking the Democratic Party. (Photo: screenshot/MSNBC) Views
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Chris Matthews and the Twilight of the Boomer's Pro-Corporate Establishment
I was once drinking by myself and watching a hockey game on TV in a little dive bar near my home in Pittsburgh when an older guy in a trucker cap, who had began haranguing the poor bartender with a series of complaints about the nebulous yet omnipresent political powers that be, turned his squint...
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Nate Silver in 2015. (Photo: Internet Week New York / Flickr/cc) Views
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Nate Silver Is Making This Up as He Goes
There is a scene in “Hail, Caesar!” the Coen brothers’ black, Golden Age Hollywood satire, in which a confused George Clooney, playing a dumbed-down 1950s version of himself, awakes after being kidnapped by a group of ineptly idealistic communist screenwriters and is exposed, for the first time, to...
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
The #Resistance Has a New Grift, and Liberals Are the Perfect Mark
The rapid transubstantiation of security-state apparatchiks into hashtag de Gaulles is one of the miracles of our age. One moment you’re presiding over America’s domestic security apparatus, digging into the scandal of Hillary Clinton aides trying to ignore Sydney Blumenthal’s emails and entrapping...
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