Voting Rights

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Saying he represents "a threat to all of our civil rights," roughly 30 people led by the NAACP on Tuesday occupied the Mobile, Ala. office of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.), President-elect Donald Trump's pick for attorney general. The @NAACP & @AlabamaNAACP are occupying the Mobile office of @jeffsessions --untill he withdraws as a AG nominee or we'...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
 Hundreds gathered in a candlelight vigil outside the North Carolina Capitol building Monday evening calling on Governor Pat McCroary to accept defeat. (Photo: Priya/Twitter)
Vowing mass civil disobedience if North Carolina's Republican governor attempts...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Beyond this latest tirade, observers are noting how the president-elect's use of Twitter to spread misinformation may have dangerous implications within a Trump presidency. (Photo: Frankie Leon/cc/flickr)
With attention on recount efforts in several swing states, President-elect...


Even as Antonin Scalia led his right-wing cohorts in trying to gut the Voting Rights Act, labeling it a “perpetuation of racial entitlement,” Obama and Congressional leaders unveiled a statue of civil rights icon Rosa Parks across town. The law was challenged by Alabama officials who argued "the problem to which the Voting Rights Act was addressed is solved.” Uh, right.