Justice System

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Observers charge that the "Revictimization Relief Act" will both muzzle prisoners as well as criminalize those media outlets who help to disseminate their voices. (Photo: Joe Piette via Philly IAC)
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett on Tuesday signed into law a prisoner gag order that rights groups say is an affront to the First Amendment and a denial of all citizens' right to understand "an area of U.S. life physically removed from public scrutiny." Passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on October 15 and the Senate a day later...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
U.S. attorney argued on Monday that force-feeding, which is widely considered a form of torture, that the practice is not a "painful procedure." (Image via Reprieve)
In the first ever challenge to the U.S. government's ongoing and abusive force-...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
A 2011 protest marking one year since the start of the cholera outbreak. (Photo: Ansel/cc/flickr)
It's been almost four years since the cholera outbreak began in Haiti following...