Monday, November 3, 2014
The World Is A Beautiful Place: As Planned, Brittany Maynard Died A Dignified Death
Determined to "speak your own truth, even when your voice shakes," Brittany Maynard, whose brain cancer led her to become an advocate for terminal patients' rights, has ended her life under Oregon’s death-with-dignity law just as she wanted - at peace, at home with her husband and family, "on my own terms." A teacher and traveler, she was 29. Pro-life (sic) groups criticized her decision as an affront to God. But many supported her courage and insistence that, "The freedom is in the choice."
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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Listen Up, Young People: Virulent Chemicals and Corporate Hegemony Are Cool, Says New Director In Charge of Making Monsanto Look Less Evil
Biotech behemoth Monsanto may control much of the world's food supply, but they have yet to beat the "face of corporate evil" rap they've been handed by many of the 80 million millennials who constitute their future consumer base - and who may or may not like their fresh-faced babies' formula seasoned with glyphosate. Thus, meet Vance Crowe, Monsanto's slick new Director of Millennial Engagement, who says, actually, it's all good (if genetically engineered.)
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On the Guy Who Called Mike Brown An Animal Needing To Be Put Down
For all our country's enduring racism, it seems there are still lines polite society deems cannot be crossed. Thus do we bid an unfond farewell to the loathsome bigot of a Charleston blogger who proclaimed Michael Brown "a gigantic thug who was higher than a kite when he attacked Darren Wilson, (who) had to put this animal down." Surber got flak, deleted it, put it back sounding worse - "Brown was not an animal but a man. Big. Brutal. High" - and then, today, got canned. So there's that.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Ice Watch: Seeking A Determined Roar Before It's Too Late
In hopes people would touch and be touched by it, a Danish artist and Greenlandic geologist collected, hauled and left to melt in Copenhagen's City Hall Square 12 chunks of 100 tons of Arctic ice - the amount now said, terrifyingly, to melt every 100th of a second. The exhibit, part of an Ice Watch project to mark a U.N. Climate Change meeting, ended Wednesday; the plan was to bring the remaining ice to area schools, but none was left.
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Agh! Zombie Isis Mass Murderers With Ebola Are Flooding Across the Rio Grande From Gitmo To Get You So Vote Republican!
When bereft of ideas, go with fear. Thus has the GOP launched a deranged new ad designed to scare the crap out of you by mashing up all the currently available elements of xenophobic hysteria - Mexicans, terrorists, Ebola-ridden jihadists, oh my - into a nice juicy stew. It ends saying we'll all die, like, tomorrow unless we vote for them. Despite the nonsense (sometimes on both sides), vote, dammit.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
A Black Heart: Israel's Apartheid Buses
As if it wasn't enough for an increasingly segregated Israel to claim their land and freedom, Palestinian workers have been banned from buses going directly back to the West Bank at the end of the work day under a new edict citing "security concerns" -mthough even the IDF says they pose none. The move comes after "an aggressive campaign" by settlers who argue, "Riding these buses is unreasonable - they are full of Arabs.”
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Sugar Fest: How Many Acres and Orangutans Are Your M&Ms Worth To You?
Halloween, our annual $2.5 billion sugar fest, approaches. Even if you're bound to fall under the sweet sway of chocolate, you can minimize your use of the palm oil now decimating tropical forests, orangutans and our climate. Tips and lists for sweets with responsibly sourced or no palm oil. Do it for the kids (even if, as sometimes happens, it takes a while for them to thank you.)
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Sunday, October 26, 2014
A Bad Western: There Have Been 87 School Shootings Since Newtown
In the name of our blood-soaked freedom, gun freaks staged an armed open carry protest Saturday in St. Louis because, "We should always be prepared for an attack." The day before, a kid who was prepared shot in the head four other kids at a high school near Seattle. Cue sobbing kids, somber vigils, perplexed tales of a football player and homecoming prince and how why huh? It was the 87th school shooting since Newtown. Last night, another victim died. She was 14.
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Friday, October 24, 2014
On the Side of Humanity: The Death of Klinghoffer
A florid and unlikely morality play has been unfurling this week in New York City, where the Metropolitan Opera is staging “The Death of Klinghoffer." Based on the 1985 murder by Palestinian terrorists of an elderly Jew on a hijacked ship, the opera has sparked furious charges by right-wing Zionists that it is "wildly anti-Semitic"; supporters argue the work is an "anguished meditation on two paralysed and drowning peoples" - one that portrays Palestinians as "human," no more or less.
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Hey White People
Seeking to give a voice to black kids "from racism’s new ground zero,” the anti-hate group FCKH8 teamed up with six Ferguson kids from the block where Michael Brown was killed for a video, "A Kinda Awkward Note to America," explaining racism is still a thing. Duh. For proof, cue the vitriol the video has inspired. From FCKH, "If you like the 'n' word, you have to see our inbox."
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