Thursday, November 27, 2014
This Little Light Of Mine
On a day meant for joy, so much pain for so many. In New York, the families of three unarmed black men shot down by police - Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley - met, mourned, prayed and called for change. Summoning extraordinary dignity, Michael Brown Sr. has urged calm, delivered turkeys, and exhorted others to "continue to lift your voices with us." For him and all the others, a homegrown flash mob in a Maine grocery store. Hug your kids, work for change.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Don't Buy It (Says Reverend Billy and Many of the Rest of Us)
Sigh. That time of year. Buy! Save! Now! More! Some suggestions: For the season, if you must shop, go local. For Black Friday, buy nothing; it can wait. For Thanksgiving, give thanks. Or join Reverend Billy and his Stop Shopping Choir on the lawn of Monsanto's St. Louis headquarters, where they'll enjoy an organic dinner before bringing another dinner to activists in Ferguson. Thus comes hope. Also, lists of bad/better companies.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
An American Horror Story
The pain and rage in Ferguson stem from the particular - a black kid lying dead in the street, a greasy D.A. blaming media, a police force using "the logic of an occupying power" - to the historical - simply, too many years of injustice. Twitter: "Don't forget to set your clocks back 60 years so we can be up to date with the American judicial system." As proof, see Malcom X rail against police brutality in his "Democracy Is Hypocrisy" speech. "This," he proclaims, "is American justice."
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Monday, November 24, 2014
Other 98% to Alice Walton: Take This Cussed Food Bin and Shove It
Walmart workers - who don't seem to get why even with their hard tedious work they have to grovel for food stamps and eat donated canned goods and sometimes go hungry so their kids can eat - are getting some uppity. Today they chained a giant food bin to the entrance of the $25 million Park Avenue condo of Alice Walton, who is worth $38 billion. "We don’t want your charity," it said. The discrepancies grow ever-harder to ignore.
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Another Child Goes Out To Play: This Is Your America
This is Tamir Rice. He was 12. He was shot in the stomach and killed by a Cleveland cop after a caller told dispatch there was someone, "probably a juvenile," waving a gun, "probably fake," at a playground. He was right: It was a toy gun. The shooter is on paid "administrative leave." Police are "investigating." Before the media, police referred to the death of "the young man." From the crowd: "You mean, the 12-year-old child." And yes, Tamir was black.
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Friday, November 21, 2014
Rich Fools: Confoundingly Oblivious Walmart Still Says Give To Your Co-Workers So We Don't Have To
They did it again! Despite massive backlash the last time they pulled this crap, Walmart is once more holding food drives with bins asking "associates" to "succeed" by helping out co-workers in need because the company that last year raked in profits of $16 billion - putting their combined worth at $148.8 billion - won't pay them a living wage. Last year, it was Ohio. This year, it's at least Oklahoma, with bake sales in Indiana. Many Black Friday protests coming. Fuck Walmart.
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Thursday, November 20, 2014
Our Carbon-Filled World
With U.S. corporate interests revved up to plunder ever more fossil fuel, NASA has released a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the deadly result of all that plunder - travels around the globe. Called a “Nature Run,” the high resolution visualization, launched at a supercomputing conference, shows massive red plumes of carbon dioxide swirling and churning with the winds and seasons. Mesmerizing. Terrifying.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Elizabeth Warren Rocks, And Eviscerates Another Squirming Swindling Bureaucrat
Asked what he expected Elizabeth Warren to do in her new Senate leadership role, Harry Reid said, "I expect her to be Elizabeth Warren." And she is. At a hearing, she decimated the new housing finance chief for failing to help a single family avoid foreclosure through long-overdue, legally mandated mortgage reform. See Mel Watt stammer. See Warren rip him a new one. This is a leader.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Mein Mampf, Or the Inspired Way To Get Neo-Nazis Unwittingly Raising Money For Anti-Nazis
In a slick prank they gleefully dubbed "the most involuntary walkathon ever," the residents of a small town in Germany plagued by an annual neo-Nazi rally secretly turned this year's event into a charity walk for an anti-extremism group. Baffled Nazis marched past cheerful motivational signs and tables of snacks to a finish line where they were strewn with rainbow confetti and handed certificates telling them they'd just raised money against themselves. Righteous Wit: 1. Evil: 0.
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Monday, November 17, 2014
An American Problem: Ferguson, Anonymous, the Cops and the KKK Await
As it awaits the grand jury decision on Darren Wilson, Ferguson is more than ever a volatile amalgam of forces drawn up against each other - a governor eager to abuse state power, a police force gearing up, the KKK threatening "lethal force" against protesters, Anonymous in turn hacking and disrobing them, and an angry community barely able to hope. Mike Brown's murder, they insist in a new video, represents "an American problem."
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