Friday, August 28, 2015
Picking The Wings Off Butterflies: Bush Returns to New Orleans
Blithely returning to the scene of (one of) his crimes, a grinning, dancing, shamelessly oblivious George Bush visited New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Katrina to rewrite history, honor a rebuilt school, and celebrate what one former lackey called "the almost unimaginable renaisssance" of a city that for thousands of hardscrabble survivors remains, in truth, ravaged. From one: “We ain’t been winning anything.”
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Peace Go With You, Brother
When the great Gil Scott-Heron died in 2011, he was celebrated as a poet, teacher, artist, activist, a complex soul revered by many Black Americans in tumultuous times as "a part of us." Thursday, his protégé Malik Al Nasir finally honors the surrogate father who "meant everything to me" with a tribute concert, "The Revolution Will Be Live," featuring musicians and activists eager to pay their respects to a brilliant, troubled, big-hearted legend who "wanted to make the world a better place.”
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Donald Trump Will Make the Country Great Again By Going Full Racist When Brown-Skinned If Eminent Journalists Commit Journalism Against Him
Topping off an odious few days in which the boor of the hour won the white supremacist vote - the KKK said he gets "the real sentiment of America" - the moron vote - a supporter said he'd make us great again because "it's on his hat" - and the misogynist vote - another stupid nasty attack on Megyn Kelly - Trump ejected Jorge Ramos, the country's most respected Latino newsman, from a news conference by snarling, "Go back to Univision." Our once-blessed democracy can't go much lower.
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Monday, August 24, 2015
Colonialism Dies Hard: Clueless Oil Pipeline Officials Seek Thousands of Acres of Virgin Native Lands In Exchange For Beads and Trinkets
This summer, after five years of steadfastly maintaining an encampment built to resist scores of proposed oil and gas pipelines through traditional unceded territory, a group of indigenous Unist’ot’en have faced mounting police and industry challenges to their occupation, from drones to helicopters to surveyors seeking access. In the latest, Chevron officials showed up seeking entry. In return, they presented an "offering" - of bottled water and tobacco. Really.
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Friday, August 21, 2015
Welcome to Dismaland, Banksy's Demented Bemusement Park For the 99%
From a derelict seaside resort, Banky has created his largest project: a dystopian "family theme park unsuitable for small children” boasting a Grim Reaper, a dead Cinderella, a predatory loan booth, an armor-plated riot control vehicle turned kids' slide, boats jammed with asylum seekers, surly Mickey-Mouse-ears-wearing greeters, and much macabre art by 50 artists, including himself. Enjoy "the U.K.'s most disappointing new visitor attraction!"
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Thursday, August 20, 2015
One Wittle Wee Wee: The GOP Debates Bunnies, Rabies, Tuna Melts and Sorority Goldfish
For pondering age-old questions like, "How would you get a dead mouse on a crescent roll with some steak?", the surreal circus that was the GOP presidential debate has gotten what it deserved: a spectacular Bad Lip Reading. Pepper spray tan! She pooped on the treadmill! You just froze a baby! And for the finale, the candidates' closing songs, topped by the singular "One Wittle Wee Wee." Bunnies and Johnny's pogo!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Born Into the Brick Kilns: Making Change One Person and One Photo At A Time
The power of the individual, the Internet and our too-abundant dollars at work: Brandon Stanton, who usually chronicles the Humans of New York, went to meet the Humans of Pakistan. One was Syeda Ghulam Fatima, who has spent her life trying to free millions of bonded laborers - aka slaves - working in that country's brick kilns. Stanton took photos, told stories, and started fundraising. His goal was $100,000; in four days, he raised over $2.2 million.
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Congress Went to Israel On AIPAC's (Many) Dimes But There Was No Lobbying On the Iran Deal, Nope, No Siree Bob, None At All
With Congress soon voting on the Iran nuclear deal, fear-and-war-mongering by AIPAC - Motto: "Israel = good, everyone else = bad" - are in overdrive: Their new anti-Iran group has spent $40 million on incendiary ads, they've flown in scores of lobbyists, and they just took all but three freshmen House members on a junket to Israel, though, really, they don't want to influence anyone. Still, over 300 rabbis have ripped their "false and dangerous message," urging Congress to make peace.
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Monday, August 17, 2015
How Many San Francisco Cops Does It Take To Subdue One Black Guy With A Prosthetic Leg? 14: Four To Assault Him, 10 To Block the View
Another video, another assault on a black body - one-legged, yet - in the "quotidian ...mundane...everyday harassment" that is policing in America. A journalist caught many cops brutally taking down a homeless man in a high-tech area after someone reported he was waving around "sticks," aka his crutches. Four cops pinned him to the ground, stomping on both his good and bad leg, as 10 bulky cohorts formed a ring. One observer: "They sure served and protected the hell outta that guy."
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Thursday, August 13, 2015
Birds Welcomed Back To Harlem In The Audubon Mural Project
Those ubiquitous metal security gates that roll down over New York City businesses each night are looking way cooler thanks to a collaborative street art initiative by the National Audubon Society and a local gallery owner. The project in John James Audubon's old neighborhood depicts in all their sometimes garish splendor the 314 bird species threatened by climate change, in hopes we'll notice - and help save - them.
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