Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Cretins In Classrooms: Cop Fired For Not Following Proper Procedure When He Body-Slammed, Beat Up And Heaved Across Room Newly Orphaned 16-Year-Old Girl
Deputy Ben Fields, the 300-pound thug last seen hurling a high-school student across the room because she failed to get off her cell phone, has been fired because he "did not follow proper procedure." Many think he should also be arrested, convicted and taken far away from any classroom. As should all the cops in schools teaching kids early who is - the state - and isn't - them - in control. Clearly, Fields' victim really needs that lesson: Her mom just died, and she's in foster care.
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Monday, October 26, 2015
Feeling the Gleeful Bern
Okay, so the giddy rumor that Pope Francis had endorsed Bernie Sanders as "a man of great integrity and moral conviction" turned out to be a hoax. But the story stemmed from a true premise: that Bernie has attracted massive, exuberant and often improbable support for those very qualities. As proof, behold the emergence of manifold groups, substantive to satirical: Babies/Artists/Geeks/Workers/Hot Guys/People With Unruly Hair For Bernie. Thus does joy, for now, visit the political landscape.
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Friday, October 23, 2015
Creepy Pharma Bro Just Got Owned
Oh sweet justice: Martin Shkreli, loathsome poster boy for big pharma greed after he upped the price of an infection-fighting drug vital to HIV and cancer patients from $13.50 to $750 - a hike of 5,550% - just got his avaricious head handed to him by another pharma CEO and actual human being who decided to "take a stand" and offer the same drug for a buck. Also Bernie Sanders rejected Shkreli's donation and gave it to a clinic. Humanity 1. Soulless capitalism 0.
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Benghazi the Musical, or Dumb Men Yelling At Smart Women
In case you mercifully missed it: Yesterday's 11-hour, $4.6 million Benghazi grilling of Hillary Clinton was a "flaming dumpster," "grotesque partisan dumbshow," "circus of sweaty assholes" and cringeworthy glimpse of "what conservative governance (sic) looks like." Even Clinton naysayers argue it was the strongest argument yet made, even by Clinton, for her presidency. Amidst a war on women, it was also a notably "bad look." Oh yeah: And "what we learned here is nothing."
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Thursday, October 22, 2015
Jailing the Banksters Continued (Iceland Not Us, Duh)
While the U.S. boldly jails poor black people over minutiae, Iceland persists in going after the true scofflaws - gluttonous bankers who crashed their economy. In two court rulings, they just sentenced five top bankers - three managers at Landsbankinn, two at Kaupping and a prominent investor - to prison for two to five years. They've now righteously put away 26 lords of capitalism's "holy churches" for a combined 74 years, proving it can be done. Take note, Wells Fargo and Chase.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
From the Dark Ages: Ingenious Cities Concoct Debtor's Prisons So They Can Balance Their Budgets on the Backs of the Poor
In the name of this country's time-honored tradition of punishing, exploiting and otherwise flipping off the poor, cash-strapped cities are increasingly embracing pay-or-stay incarceration - facilitated by private prisons and debt collectors - whereby they lock up people too poor to pay fines for petty offenses like speeding, and then pocket rewards that are modest for them but often ruinous for the "offenders." The ACLU just filed a Mississippi class action lawsuit calling grievous foul.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
The Palestinian Car Was Stolen by Israel, and It Must Be Returned
Here's a chance to hear the great Gideon Levy, Israeli-born-and-bred writer for Haaretz and indefatigable critic of Zionism, who spoke this week in Westchester, N.Y. Facing down obstreperous hecklers, Levy offered a concise defense of Palestinian rights - "When someone steals your car, you have to get (it) back" - an impassioned indictment of apartheid, and the only moral solution to what many deem an intractable conflict: "The discourse is simple - equal rights for all."
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Monday, October 19, 2015
Am I Cool Yet: A Couple of Stoner Kids Reportedly Hack CIA Head John Brennan's Email To Show They Can and Urge Free Gaza
Likely red-faced feds are investigating the gleeful claims of two 13-year-old potheads that they hacked CIA director John Brennan's personal email account - by resetting his AOL password with info they bamboozled out of Verizon - where he had, Hillarygate notwithstanding, stored sensitive government information. The kids posted an array of intelligence files, calls to Free Gaza and Free Palestine, and a warning to their clueless elders: "Step your game up homies - we own everything of you."
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Fukushima Redux: In Fact, What Do They Have to Return To?
Years later, the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster remains a post-apocalyptic landscape of empty houses, massive health risks, and 20,000 workers moving bags of lethal soil from one heedless spot to another. Polish photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski gathered his courage and hazmat suit to searingly document a catastrophe he blames not on earthquake, tsunami or technology, but humans - "an immense experience, not comparable to anything else (where) only the wind answers."
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Thursday, October 15, 2015
Practising What You Preach (Or At Least Starting To)
Following Pope Francis' admonition that "poverty calls us to sow hope," the Vatican has opened its own homeless shelter near St. Peter's Square, and Francis turned up on one of its first nights to greet and bless residents. Designed to host 34 men for up to a month - and joining an existing shelter for women - the new housing is one more small welcome sign Francis actually seeks to do what he says and offer, as the shelter's name implies, the "Gift of Mercy."
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