Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Stormtroopers For the Empire
We tend to forget, but Veterans Day originally marked the Armistice ending World War 1 and the common fervent wish that, "May it be the last of the empires!" For too many instead, writes a veteran of Iraq, "you fight, you kill, you watch friends die...(you come to) hate the murder being carried out in your name, (you) realize that you (were) carrying a spear for empire, and you start to accept the startlingly obvious truth that these are people like you."
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Monday, November 9, 2015
Louisiana Goddam: Vengeful State Seeks Its Third Pound of Flesh from Albert Woodfox, Because 40 Years of Solitary Just Wasn't Enough
Like a rabid dog with a battered bone, Louisiana officials have won the obscene right to try the Angola Three's Albert Woodfox for the third time for the 1972 murder of a prison guard that nobody - not even the victim's widow - believes Woodfox committed. The state says it wants to hold Woodfox, held alone in a cell for four decades despite three overturned convictions, "fully accountable for his crime." It remains unclear when they will be. Nina Simone: "Lord, have mercy on this land of mine."
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Sunday, November 8, 2015
We Are No Longer Taking It
Escalating protests at the University of Missouri over longstanding racism and systemic apathy to it - including sit-ins, walk-outs and a hunger strike - got an electrifying boost when African-American football players, swiftly followed by the whole team and staff, declared that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and refused to play. Economics 101: See black labor stop the college football industry in its multi-million-dollar tracks. Update: Victory.
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Friday, November 6, 2015
Taking the Hoods Off
As promised, Anonymous marked the end of Guy Fawkes Day and its global Million Mask Marches by publishing the names of hundreds of alleged members of KKK and other hate groups. Calling the data dump "a form of resistance against (KKK) violence and intimidation tactics," Anon hopes it will "spark a bit of constructive dialogue about race, racism, racial terror and freedom of expression...The reality is that racism usually does NOT wear a hood but it does permeate our culture on every level."
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Celebrating Sociopaths: When They Install Dick 'Vader' Cheney's Marble Bust In Our Nation's Capitol, Will It Include the Dripping Blood?
Brace yourselves. Honoring a perhaps questionable tradition dating to 1898, a marble bust of warmonger, murderer, liar and despised cretin Dick Cheney will be installed in the Capitol's Emancipation Hall (sic). This, even as former President George H.W. Bush in a new book blasts Cheney as "iron-ass" in his destruction of Iraq, which the former torturer-in-chief smilingly takes as "a mark of pride." Question: To be historically accurate, will the bust be hooded, waterboarded and rectal-fed?
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You Shall Have the Body: When Justice Is Gone, There's Always Force
Despite the release of Shaker Aamer, protests against its abuses and ongoing if enfeebled attempts to close it, Guantánamo is still there, as are its 112 prisoners. Laurie Anderson's "Habeus Corpus," a multi-media work merging drone-like music with the streamed presence of former inmate Mohammed el Gharani, seeks to ask hard questions about truth and justice, the costs of a culture that operates on remote, and a fear-driven politics in which, “Your silence will be considered your consent.”
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Monday, November 2, 2015
Drain Clogged? Jeb! Can Fix It
Entering the dingy environs of Desperation City, Jeb! Bush has decided to reboot his bumbling campaign with the release of 730 pages of no-doubt-gripping, years-old emails and a rousing new "Jeb Can Fix It!" slogan so inane and ambiguous it's swiftly attracted an avalanche of ridicule about dishwashers and squeaky doors and how "Jeb will do the stuff that will fix the things!" as soon as he figures out what they are. Yeah, he's on it.
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Friday, October 30, 2015
We Will Gas You Until You Die
In a startling and sinister escalation, Israeli troops stormed the West Bank's Aida refugee camp this week with tear gas blasting and a truck loudspeaker blaring a deadly, perhaps unprecedented message: "We are the Occupation army," it proclaimed. "Throw stones and we will hit you with gas until you all die - the youth, the children, the old people...We will not leave any of you alive." Said one long-suffering Palestinian, "Such threats merely add words to the deed."
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Thursday, October 29, 2015
The Building Blocks of Artful Protest: Legos For Wei Wei
Lego likes to boast they're "here to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow," but only, it seems, to a placid point: The Danish toymaker rejected Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei's bulk order to build a large-scale, free-speech themed work in Australia, claiming they "cannot approve the use of Legos for political works." WeiWei promptly went online to charge censorship; then he asked followers to send in their old Legos, and thousands did.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Cretins In Classrooms: Cop Fired For Not Following Proper Procedure When He Body-Slammed, Beat Up And Heaved Across Room Newly Orphaned 16-Year-Old Girl
Deputy Ben Fields, the 300-pound thug last seen hurling a high-school student across the room because she failed to get off her cell phone, has been fired because he "did not follow proper procedure." Many think he should also be arrested, convicted and taken far away from any classroom. As should all the cops in schools teaching kids early who is - the state - and isn't - them - in control. Clearly, Fields' victim really needs that lesson: Her mom just died, and she's in foster care.
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