Why Is Obama Ditching the Public Option -- and You?

Obama apparently doesn't think he campaigned on a pubic option, just because he mentioned it during his campaign and included it in his health care plan. Why would that be?

Well, a couple of days ago my eyebrows raised when I saw this CNN poll on health care.
It indicates that Obama's popularity has risen since the public option
was removed from the plan. More interesting is the fact that support
for the Senate/White House plan rose too, even though the public option
had been more popular than the Senate/White House bill by a wide margin.

The Obama White House managed to successfully triangulate against
the public option by saying it was too "liberal," and presenting their
corporate-friendly plan that gives Aetna and PhRMA everything they want
as "centrist" by comparison. Because that's the left/right puke funnel
that the media must feed everything through. So even though taking out
the public option goes against public opinion, because "liberals" will
be upset, it must be a good "sensible" thing to do.

Having Joe Lieberman act as front man was the perfect delivery mechanism for achieving that goal.

Obama is triangulating against you today. They want all those
diaries of outrage by "liberals," so that right wingers will look on
and think "good for him - like Joe Lieberman, he really knows how to
stick it to liberals." It's the move of a deeply cynical politician who
believes in nothing but shameless manipulation for political
convenience. Meanwhile, the media will completely overlook the fact
that this bill is nothing but a corporate giveaway written by sleazy
greedy whores willing to hold the nation's sick hostage in order to
pull off the biggest Shock Doctrine scam in world history.

When I saw that CNN poll, I realized immediately that this media
dynamic must change. Dramatically. Because if it doesn't, Obama - and
all his fellow corporatists - will use it to easily deflect any
challenge to their continuing grand ambitions for a Bailout Nation.

So let's change it.

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