Paris Hilton Is Now A Martyr

It's official: Paris Hilton has served more jail time at the hands of an overzealous judge, seen more of the inside of a jail cell, eaten more prison food than Lewis Libby ever will. The Dictator In Chief again has proved that you don't mess with his boys, and if you do, he'll ride in and rescue them; they can do no wrong. And if they do, so what, they're the ruling class and nothing bad can happen to them.

Let's get one thing straight: Libby is a traitor to the United States of America. He released the name, whether under direction from his boss the Vice President or not, of a covert agent in an intelligence agency during a declared time of war with troops deployed. Her job was to find bad people with nuclear materials, a job she could not do after that point. That is treason. I believe he should have been tried for that charge, and yes, if found guilty, then hung as many a traitor has been. We are a nation of law, or so I always hear.

But instead, he was given a slap on the wrist sentence for a lesser offense of perjury, for which he would serve less than three years and pay $250,000 out of his probable millions in fines. He tried to delay the sentence, but the courts wouldn't hear of it. So, he was about to be off to jail. Ride in Cowboy Bush and his Cronies. Instead of pardoning him all together, which eradicates the crime, he commuted a sentence he viewed as "too harsh" so no jail served but conviction stands. No judge or court in the land can overturn a commutation, period, the way George likes it. It's good to be the king.

When are we going to impeach this man?

It is a sad day when Paris Hilton spends more time in jail for driving on a suspended license after a DUI than a traitor to our nation. But these days, treason doesn't mean much. We allow the buffoons in Washington DC to do it all the time. Unjust occupations, lies, deceit, waste, bankrupting the nation morally and financially, laughing in the face of justice, stacking the Supreme Court to set us back in to the stone ages...on and on I could go. And none of them pay, but Paris, well, the public outrage over her being sent home was heard around the world in nations that don't even have a Hilton.

People, get your priorities straight.

It's yet another sad day in America. But these days, there seems to be more of them than not. But don't worry, take this pill, cheer up. Your nation has gone to hell ruled by dictators. But at least Paris did her time and Libby won't do a day.

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