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Food Standards on the Menu at U.S.-EU Talks

Bottom line: The U.S. won’t be able to guarantee European consumers that imported food products meet EU standards

Sharon Anglin Treat ·

By Signing CETA with Justin Trudeau, the EU Isn’t Undermining Donald Trump – They’re Helping Him

A trade deal with Canada seems an urgent necessity in this brave new world. But, 40,000 of the biggest US corporations have subsidiaries in Canada which could use CETA to sue European governments

Nick Dearden ·

Breaking Free of Trump's Trap on Trade and Jobs

Why progressives, not Trump, should be leading charge on manufacturing and outsourcing

Les Leopold ·

Angela Merkel Sounds Death Knell for TTIP—But Don't Thank Donald Trump

'The best way to defeat [Trump] is to to stop these trade deals and build a democratic economy that works for everyone'

Deirdre Fulton ·

Trade, Democracy, and the Politics of Backlash

On why there has never been a greater need to quash the global corporate agenda.

John Buell ·

In Boon for Big Pharma, TTIP Would Lock In High Drug Prices: Report

'Unfortunately, trade agreements have become one more mechanism for drug corporations to expand their monopoly power'

Deirdre Fulton ·

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