Tahrir Square

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Egyptian flags fly over Cairo's Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising. (Photo: Ramy Raoof/cc/flickr)
Intent on suppressing any protests marking Arab Spring anniversary, al-Sisi government oversaw widespread raids and disappearances
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
Mass marches against government failure and corruption sweep Iraq's capital and...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
The funeral of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, an activist at the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP), in Alexandria, Egypt on January 25, 2015. (Photo: Reuters)
Socialist and poet Shaimaa al-Sabbagh was one of several demonstrators...


When the great Gil Scott-Heron died in 2011, he was celebrated as a poet, teacher, artist, activist, a complex soul revered by many Black Americans in tumultuous times as "a part of us." Thursday, his protégé Malik Al Nasir finally honors the surrogate father who "meant everything to me" with a tribute concert, "The Revolution Will Be Live," featuring musicians and activists eager to pay their respects to a brilliant, troubled, big-hearted legend who "wanted to make the world a better place.”


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Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
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