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Rick Perry

Trump Taxpayer-Funded Coal and Nuclear Bailout Decried as 'Breathtaking Abuse of Authority'

Critics called the plan an "outrageous ploy" by Trump "to help his rich friends" at the expense of Americans' pocketbooks and the environment

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Children Sue Trump Admin for 'Reckless and Deliberate Indifference' to Climate Threat

"We must hold the federal government accountable for the long-term environmental harm that is propagating under its direction," said Clean Air Council's Joseph Minott. "It's time to fight back."

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

'Absurd' and 'Inexcusable': Rick Perry Pushes Fossil Fuel Expansion to Fight Sexual Assault

Environmental groups demand energy secretary's immediate resignation following his remarks on Thursday

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Costs and Climate Be Damned, Rick Perry Seeks to Prop Up Coal, Nuclear Plants

Trump's Energy Secretary is "simply doing the bidding of the fossil fuel industry," says Sierra Club's Mary Anne Hitt

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Trump Energy Dept's Pro-Coal, Pro-Nuclear Report 'Not Worth Paper It's Written On'

Critics say agency report is little more than "propaganda" and "talking points memo for coal and nuclear subsidies"

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

US Blocks G7 Climate Statement As White House Waffles on Paris Deal

The U.S. is still debating its commitment to the landmark climate agreement

Nadia Prupis, staff writer ·

Trump's DOE Climate Office Reportedly Bars Use of Phrase "Climate Change"

"Just because you ban the phrase doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer ·

Sanders Skewers Perry for Whitewashing Climate Crisis

"Let's get beyond the rhetoric," Sanders said. "It's not a question of balance this and balance that. It is a global crisis that requires massive cuts in carbon and transformation of our energy system."

Lauren McCauley, staff writer ·

Bracing for Trump's Anti-Science Agenda, DOE Announces 'Scientific Integrity Policy'

New standards ensure protections for scientific workforce at Department of Energy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer ·

#DayAgainstDenial Calls on Senate to Reject Trump's Anti-Science Cabinet

Nationwide actions highlight climate denialism of cabinet appointees, including Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and Scott Pruitt as head of EPA

Nadia Prupis, staff writer ·