Pete Seeger

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
One FBI agent said Almanac Singers, which included Seeger and Woody Guthrie, "were active singing Communist songs and spreading propaganda."
Newly released 1,700-page FBI file shows the US government 'went to lengths' to track beloved folk icon
Suzanne Goldenberg
River close to where Seeger lived in a log cabin he built himself in the 1940s...
Jon Queally, staff writer, Jon Queally, staff writer
A banjo and guitar player who once traveled the country with Woody Guthrie, Seeger was a giant of the folk music revival of the Twentieth Century, playing for audiences and children all over the world. (Photograph: Brian Shuel/Redferns)
'My job,' he once said, 'is to show folks there’s a lot of good music in this...


Midway through a week of inventive, determined actions - from lie-ins to locking onto each other to hanging from bridges - dozens of activists have been arrested protesting a massive London arms fair that brings together the world’s most oppressive regimes with its biggest arms dealers, an event Amnesty International says offers "torture on your doorstep." As UK planes bomb Yemen, organizers ask, "What will be the next atrocity they are used in?”