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Analysis Finds US Corporate Media 'Failing to Connect Climate Crisis to Strongest Atlantic Storm Ever to Hit Land'

Devastation from Hurricane Dorian provokes calls for reporters to acknowledge the climate emergency's connection to extreme weather

Jessica Corbett ·

As Aerial Footage of Devastated Bahamas Emerges, Campaigners Ask How Much Destruction and Death Before Global Climate Action Taken?

"Bahamians have paid a devastating price for a crisis fossil fuel billionaires created. This isn't right."

Jessica Corbett ·

'It Is Pure Hell Here': Videos From Bahamas Show Devastation Left by Hurricane Dorian as Category 5 Storm Heads Toward US Coast

"We are surrounded by water with no way out. Absolute devastation, there really are no words."

Jake Johnson ·

Independent Probe Finds NOAA Officials Violated Ethics Rules by Bowing to Trump Foolishness During 'Sharpiegate'

The report comes as White House and state officials have been accused of manipulating scientific data regarding Covid-19 deaths and infections. 

Julia Conley ·

Dangerous Hurricane Season To Open Amidst COVID-19

Emergency response officials need to develop COVID-19-safe evacuation plans, with safe locations and enforced social distancing, taking into consideration those most vulnerable socially and economically.

Astrid Caldas ·

How to Live With the Climate Crisis Without Becoming a Nihilist

'Today, despite all the grim climate news, I actually feel more optimistic than ever.'

Peter Kalmus ·

ABC's History of Poor Climate Coverage Doesn't Bode Well for the Next Presidential Primary Debate

Good news: There are a few easy ways the moderators can make the climate crisis a substantive and informative part of the debate.

Evlondo Cooper ·

Altruists of the World Unite!

We have managed to divide the planet into a bunch of nation-states that, with a very few exceptions, maintain standing armies to protect themselves from other nation-states and view national sovereignty as their highest, and perhaps only, political value.

Robert C. Koehler ·

'Morally Bankrupt and a Black Mark on America': Trump Condemned for Refusing to Grant Protected Status to Bahamian Hurricane Victims

"Let's be clear: This decision is racist and cruel. We should grant Temporary Protected Status to Bahamians fleeing Hurricane Dorian," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

Jake Johnson ·

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