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The Workers Circle Fights Injustice with Activism—and Joy

A conversation with CEO Ann Toback: "Dissent is one of the great privileges of being a patriot."

Michael Winship ·

Democrats Call on White House to Ensure Any Coronavirus Vaccine Is Not Profit-Making Venture for Big Pharma

"We cannot allow Big Pharma to price gouge the fruits of Americans investments."

Eoin Higgins ·

'The World Must Act Boldly': 23 Former Diplomats Urge Global Leaders to Adopt Paris-Style Agreement to Protect Biodiversity

"Humanity sits on the precipice of irreversible loss of biodiversity and a climate crisis that imperils the future for our grandchildren and generations to come."

Jessica Corbett ·

As WHO Forum Ends, Updated Figures From China Reveal New Virus Has Infected Over 60,000 Worldwide

"This outbreak is a test of solidarity—political, financial, and scientific," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. "We need to come together to fight a common enemy that does not respect borders."

Jessica Corbett ·

Just as Trump Slashes Global Health Funds, Experts Warn Coronavirus Could Infect 60% of World Population

"The goal is to stay at least a couple of steps ahead of the epidemic curve."

Julia Conley ·

Trump Budget to Propose 'Savage' Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security While Hiking Pentagon and Wall Funds

"This budget is Trump's pledge that as long as he stays in office, slashing Social Security, Medicaid, and whatever's left of SNAP will remain a White House priority."

Jake Johnson ·

Calling for Global Action, WHO Chief Says World May Only Be Seeing 'Tip of the Iceberg' With Coronavirus

The outbreak, first reported in China late last year, has killed at least 910 people and infected over 40,500 others worldwide.

Jessica Corbett ·

The Coronavirus Panic Exposes the Pathology of Nationalism

"The idea of America First, the nationalist populism, is against everything that we believe in in global health."

Sonali Kolhatkar ·

Eating Animals Will Be the Death of Us

It is time to finally make the connection between animal agriculture and environmental destruction, antibiotic resistance and disease outbreak.

Juliet Gellatley ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.