Horrific Sound of Gunshots Captured on Twitch Live Stream During Mass Shooting at Gamer Event in Jacksonville

A screenshot of an online gaming competition that was taking place at an event in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday just moments before what sounds like multiple shots are heard ringing out in the background. According to local media reports in Jacksonville, the shooting may have resulted in multiple fatalities, including that of a possible shooter. (Image: via Twitter/

Horrific Sound of Gunshots Captured on Twitch Live Stream During Mass Shooting at Gamer Event in Jacksonville

Early reports indicated multiple fatalities, including a suspect, at Florida event for competitive video gamers

In a nation where lawmakers continue their refusal to do anything that would curb the occurrence of mass shootings and overall gun violence, it appears that an online streaming and social media service Twitch on Sunday afternoon captured live the sound of multiple gun shots during a competitive video-gaming event at a large downtown complex in Jacksonville, Florida.

"I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb... Worst day of my life."

According to the Jacksonville Times-Union, citing local police, "multiple people are dead, including at least one suspect, after a mass shooting Sunday afternoon at the Jacksonville Landing." The newspaper reported "a chaotic scene" at the city's iconic Downtown Landing, a sprawling area of shops, venues, and restaurants near the waterfront:

Many details about the shooting were not immediately clear, including how many people were dead. Authorities said they were unsure if there is a second suspect, but police appeared to be scouring the area by land, air and sea and have advised residents to stay away from the area. Police haven't said how many people are dead but publicly referred to the incident as a "mass shooting," a term with varying definitions that often means at least three or four people have died.

Witnesses on scene said the shooting was connected to a "Madden NFL" video game tournament at GLHF Game Bar inside the Landing.

The clip of the video shows at least two players competing when the sound of numerous shots can be heard. Then there is sound of background commotion before the feed to the game goes out and the video ends.

Watch it (warning: graphic):

As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

Drini Gjoka, who uses the handle @YoungDrini on social media, appeared to be another gamer at the event.

"The tourney just got shot up," Gjoka tweeted. "Im leavving [sic] and never coming back."

Minutes later, he added, "I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb." And then: "Worst day of my life."

At 2:53 PM local time, the Jacksonville's Sheriff's Department tweeted:

A press conference was schedule for media at 4:30 PM.

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