RESIST DAY #77: What You Can Do Today

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RESIST DAY #77: What You Can Do Today

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe

Thursday, April 6, 2017

  • Recess is coming. Find a town hall near you
    With members of congress heading home at the end of this week for recess that runs from April 8 - April 23, it's time to get together with your friends and neighbors and plan your next moves
    • Go to the Town Hall Project to find an event in your district here.

  • Demand 'No War Against Syria' and call for U.S. negotiations with Syrian and Russian governments to end carnage and bring peace
    The threat of further U.S. military action in Syria looms with the Pentagon reportedly drawing up plans for a response to Tuesday's deadly chemical attack that Defense Secretary James Mattis will present to President Donald Trump Thursday evenin
    • Call members of Congress (202-224-3121) & WhiteHouse (202-456-1111)

What You Can Be Doing Everyday 

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