RESIST DAY #36: What You Can Do Today

Resistance in your community, across the country, and around the globe

Friday, February 24, 2017

  • Tell Your Representative to Support Rep. Jerry Nadler's "Resolution of Inquiry" into Trump administration
    Republicans in the U.S. House are trying to kill an attempt to gather facts about Trump's contact with Russia and conflicts of interests related to his business empire
    • Contact your elected lawmaker today (Here's a list of who has signed the resolution so far)
    • You can specifically call Republican House Judiciary Committee members (listed here) who are moving fast to kill Nadler's effort
    • Share your concerns using the #ResolutionofInquiry hashtag on social media
  • Confront your member of Congress today... #ReclaimRecess Continues
    With congressional lawmakers in their home districts this week, the following tools have been established so you can find the Town Hall or public event nearest you:

  • Sign Up to Attend Event Defending ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security this weekend
    Both Our Revolution and are organizing rallies in communities nationwide on Saturday 2/25.

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