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'Climate Victory Campaign' Paints Visions for New Paradigm

Hoping politics can imitate art, designers enlisted to help push a more sustainable future

(Credit: The Creative Action Network)

Designers, poster-makers, and benevolent propagandists for a more sustainable future wanted.

That's the call from a new coalition of artists and activists who've created the 'Climate Victory' campaign in hopes that reimagined War World II-style propaganda posters can become part of "the fight to decarbonize our world and defeat climate change."

A crowd-sourced and collaborative project between, Marcacci Communications, Green Patriot Posters, and the Creative Action Network, the coalition says powerful and shareable messages are needed to offer visions of what "climate victory" means and can look like.

"All designs that meet the requirements," says the group's website, "will be included and all designs will be available to download, print, and share."

Though the first batch of posters on the site, as EcoWatch notes, focus on rooftop solar, wind farms, Keystone XL and fossil fuel divestment, the idea is that designers can fulfill their own vision of a "livable future" as they join the ongoing fight to end human-caused global warming.

"These reimagined World War II-style propaganda posters are powerful messages to spread as we gain ground in the fight to save our way of life," says the group.

Here's the first round:


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