Massive Explosion Rocks Beirut Streets

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Massive Explosion Rocks Beirut Streets

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A massive explosion has torn through a heavily populated area of southern Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday.

Television footage showed crowds in the streets, flames engulfing cars and buildings and large plumes of black smoke.

The National Lebanese Agency Media and medical sources are reporting at least 10 were killed and 120 injured as a result of the explosion in the "Mahfouz Stores" area of Beirut's Southern Suburb region.

Authorities said a car bomb was the cause of the blast.

The explosion occurred on a bustling commercial and residential street in the Rweiss district, a heavily Shiite area and one of Hezbollah's bastions of support, the Associated Press reports.

Last month, a car bomb exploded in the nearby Beir al-Abed district, wounding more than 50 people.


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