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Terrifying Video Exposes Force of Devastating Train Crash

At least 77 killed and over 130 injured in worst Spanish train accident in 40 years

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At least 77 have been killed and over 130 injured following a train derailment in northwest Spain Wednesday evening.

The crash occurred after the driver of the Alvia train, which was traveling from Madrid to the northern Atlantic city of Ferrol, took a 80 km/hr bend in the track while going 190 km/hr, reports El Paìs.

A total of 222 passengers and four crew members were traveling on the train, which was made up of eight coaches and two engines.

According to the Guardian, rescue crews worked throughout the night to free the trapped passengers.

"Some carriages vaulted into the air and landed on top of others, making it impossible to get to those trapped until a crane could lift the carriages away," they report.

"All 13 carriages were derailed and at least three caught fire. Some were thrown 15 meters from the track and landed on the other side of a retaining wall beside a row of houses."

The accident is being described as the worst the country has seen in 40 years, and the third worst in Spanish railway history.

Terrifying raw footage of the crash shows the train derailing following the turn.


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