More Weather Extremes: Record Rainfall Drenches Toronto

Canada's biggest city soaked after thunderstorms dumped most rainfall in a single day in the city's recorded history

Toronto was the latest city to be hit by weather extremes on Monday when thunderstorms drenched the area with the most rainfall in a single day in the city's recorded history.

The amount of rain that fell over two hours was the amount the city normally receives for the entire month of July, The Toronto Star reported.

Nearly five inches (126 mm) of rain was recorded at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Monday, breaking the 1954 record when Hurricane Hazel drenched the city. The downtown area got slightly less at about 3.8 inches (97 mm).

The resulting flash flooding in Canada's largest city wiped out power for around 300,000 area residents and left commuters stranded for hours.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said on Tuesday that the city's power system is "hanging by a thread."

The Canadian Press has video:

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