100 Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Now Recognized by Military

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100 Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Now Recognized by Military

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

(Photo: ckottl/ Flickr)

The United States military has come out Saturday and acknowledged that 100 inmates at Guantanamo Bay prison are taking part in the hunger strike.

However, defense attorneys for the striking inmates have, for the past month and a half, said that 'over 100' inmates were partaking in the protest against the cruel and indefinite detention at the US military prison.

According to an email from Lt. Col. Sam House, twenty of the detainees are being force fed—a practice many decry as a form of torture—and five are currently in the hospital.

"We need action now," declared Frida Berrigan of the group Witness Against Torture. "Otherwise, prisoners will die and the shame of a failed policy will only deepen.”


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